Ive’s at Steve Jobs’ memorial

The best thoughts and memories on Steve Jobs and his view on design, quality, innovation you will probably ever hear.

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Keep in Mind.

The internet(s) pre-existed Twitter and Facebook.

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Random bike links.

I spent the last day browsing almost randomly for custom and special bikes. I wanted some inspiration: my old R1150R got wrecked in a bad accident last year (and just a few meters before reaching 115.000km) the day before I was supposed to drive it to London.
Here she was looking way better (the bike’s nickname was “boiler”). Non to mention all the stuff we did together.

I now bought a 2004 R1100S Boxercup Replika (with an horrible, huge and yellow english plate) but I’m still considering rebuilding the R1150R or using it as a base for a special bike.
In the last days I came across Chris Hunter’s Bike EXIF: awesome collection of stylish bikes captured and really cool (bike) photography.

From Chris blog it’s only a matter of seconds to jump to Wrenchmonkees.com.
“We build bikes to ride everyday.
They’re simple, mechanical expressions.
We build unique custom bikes for people who love riding motorcycles.”

Awesome stuff. Don’t miss the blog, tons of work in progress photos. I fell in love with this Guzzi, and this delicious R80: Monkee #9.

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Alan Kitching on FFFFound

I finally have a ffffound account, the awesome image bookmarker/inspiration gallery/extremely dangerous timewaster created by Yugop.

Everything I find visually interesting, as well as tons of soft-core erotic pictures of lascivious women can be found on my account here, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Enjoy

In the image above: Alan Kitching’s typographic work, plus ffffound automated suggestions.

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